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Puriyaku: My English Translation Site
1/20/17 | 1 Comments | Top

Hi guys. I have decided to abandon this blog and will be concentrating now to my personal projects. I decided to translate Drama CD and Light Novels now on a different blog (and host).

If you are interested, feel free to visit Puriyaku: English Translation Site.

I have transfered my translation  of Owari no Seraph Drama CD there and will starting another new project.
Cover Photo Parade
9/9/15 | 2 Comments | Top

Hi guys!

It’s actually been a while since I updated my blog and this time, time for some graphics-related stuff. At first, I actually wanted to review the resource book I recently bought but then changed my mind because I haven’t fully explored every damn render inside of it and I’ve only used a few of them so far.

So instead, let me dump these facebook cover photos I’ve made lately, continuing from my previous post.

Me and Krantz’s next facebook set were – again – Rin and Len Kagamine and that time, it was all floral and stuff that I almost couldn’t believe I MADE IT. 

Truth be told, I am not a fan of flowers but they look nice on the ambiance of the render that I randomly found at Renders Graphiques (thank you, btw).

And after for a while, Psycho-Pass The Movie scattered all over the internet that made me watch it immediately (I has been waiting six months in agony!). Then I remembered, 

“I want to create a group set featuring Psycho-Pass!”

And I did.

I actually made the ID's and Sybil's design manually. And it took me four hours to finish everything! Can you imagine how my eyes were almost close to crying while being glued on screen and my right hand becoming stiff for holding the mouse for too long while maintaining its accuracy? No. lol

I used first season because:

1. Kougami is already NOT included at second season’s OP Song Sequence. I want to use the scene where they were all standing on the same line looking so cool and badass at the same time. And I want to HAVE a Kougami because Krantz wants to be him. 

2. Mixing second season with the first season is just a bad idea. I thought of that too but I was too lazy to make a one big photo where every damn character from first season and second season will be shown.

3. I just hate Mika.

And that’s how it all ended up in the first season. Whether I will do another one featuring the second season is a debatable topic.

After Psycho-Pass, Krantz and I are back to Rin and Len Kagamine and this time, featuring the ever-catchy song, Remote Control (リモコン - YT/NND), by jiizasuP (じーざすP). The illustration was done by KEIGYO.

Actually, in this work, I’ve already used some resources from the book that I was talking about and I used a lot a neon lines and some color toning and adjustments that destroyed a lot of colors on this thing. HAHA But I was too lazy to do anything to make it look better… lol

At the same time, Maikan, a dear friend, asked me to make her a facebook set too. Since me and Krantz already changed facebook sets, the Psycho-Pass Group Set is already done (I guess? haha). Well, I wanted to try using the other new resources I have so, why should I refuse, really?

She wanted GUMI. I’m not a big fan of GUMI like the fan I am with Rin and Len (Yes, I’d die for these babies) but I like some of her songs especially if it’s DECO*27 who tuned her. Maikan actually made me choose among random pictures she saw through Google but then I chose naoto’s illustration which was easy to manipulate. HAHA

It’s the usual lazy Linzz.

I hope you enjoyed the small graphic ride!

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