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About The Dump Blog

Linzz's Fate is Linzz's personal blog where she dumps her graphic works and other works related to her field. Such may include Anime, Manga, Vocaloids, Online Games, Cosplay, Writings, Music and others. This blog also serves as her online portfolio and her online busy-toy. XD

Before this site, Linzz manage an old (and inactive) scanlation group named, Irhene Gakuen Community (or IGC) then later switched into graphics where Anime is Love (currently closed) was born. While she was busy with different online games, she wasn't able to update the site regularly like in the past and thus decided to close it down and years later, this blog was born.

Site was opened on February 8, 2010.
Site Officially turned into a dump site on May 16, 2011.

About Linzz

An in-game name which was given to me by my classmate at high school. I find it weird at first but got used to it as time passes. It was kinda unique which made me smile whenever she calls me like that. I first used this nick name on my 2nd account on an Online Game, Wonderland Online (WLO of IGG), due to the need that I have to redo all of my character's statistics which was really bad. New life then, begins. :)

I am a fan of Anime, Manga, Vocaloids and Online Games. I do graphic designs, write stories and reviews (if in the mood), draw random things and browse the web for any random interesting things. I often overload my browser with tabs which I can call "Tab Syndrome", especially when I am browsing YouTube and Nico Nico.

Birthday: October 28

Colors: Gray and Yellow (because of Rin and Len Kagamine)
Characters: Rin and Len Kagamine, Tiashe Ragss (07-Ghost)
Anime Series: 07-ghost, Digimon Adventures, Detective Conan, and many more...
Manga artists: Arina Tanemura (especially her series Full Moon wo Sagashite), CLAMP and other artists that always create mind-blowing plot and awesome character designs.
Movies: Sherlock Holmes, Movies where Jackie Chan is taking part of.
Book Authors: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and other novel authors.
Vocaloid Producers: DECO*27, Supercell, Wowaka, keeno and DevilishP/AkunoP. I also love other people's works but they really depend on the song and what genre.
Other Artists: Nano, Maaya Sakamoto, Gero, Hanatan, Glutamin, Koman, Halyosy (Absorb), Amu, Valshe, ApolxHaru XD, and many other people.

This wishlist has been provided so if there's anything you might wanna give me for free, feel free to choose anything from the list above. HAHAHA They are also ranked from my most want to the least for your convenience. XD

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