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If you're trying to be friends with me, use my resources (if there's any you find as useful), or request for anything, you are aught to read and follow my rules.

1. Please credit me if there's something you're using from this blog.
Since I offer free graphic requests sometimes, always give me credit for my work. I love it when people appreciates my work. You may credit me by mention or by link, it doesn't matter as long as it represents me in some way or another.

2. You are not allowed to re-publish anything.
Stories, reviews, rants, personal insights, everything is only written for this Blog and only for this tiny little Blog and for no one else and for no other thing is. Since this is a dump blog and anything can be seen in here as long as it interests me and I always add my personal thoughts about everything, please do not use them or copy+paste them somewhere. They are my thoughts, not yours. Go and use your brain for a little exercise.

3. You are not allowed to rip anything.
Graphics-related, I don't want to see my works being re-copied, edit, or being manipulated for other works. You may edit them if I have given you permission but please, do not do it for anything else. Since every graphics posted in this blog have names on them already, you are not allowed to edit those names, at all. You can contact me if you wish to have my permission for editing.

4. Use the Tagboard with sense.
Since cbox has these random spammers, it is best for you to use the tagboard with more sense or for interesting things to say. I might suspect your post as spam if it doesn't have any sense at all and will be ignored.

5. Comment on posts with relation to the post.
I really like it if you want to comment on posts but please, comment with relation to my post. If you have something to say out of topic, the Tagboard is there to be used for instances. Thank you.

6. Do not spam my e-mail.
I have given my e-mail on my Contact post and to some other posts and everyone knows that and everyone important to me also uses that e-mail to contact me. Spamming my e-mail will only result to ignorance.

7. Be open-minded.
Let me remind you that this is a blog run by me. All posts here contains my own personal thoughts about random things and this blog was not made for you to oppose on anything posted. I am okay to discuss things posted as long as we're not going to end up fighting and hating each other.

8. Abide these rules.
These things weren't written just for display but they are written to be read and to be followed. If I have caught anyone violating these rules, do not worry, I won't sue for anything, I will just ignore you like any other uninteresting things in the world.


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