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Dragona Online PH Server
7/29/11 | 0 Comments | Top

Yeah, first ever English version of the game released last July 28, 2011. Dragona Online is another MMORPG developed by Liveplex. First english version was released by GameClub Philippines. Dragona Global will soon be released.

This game's graphics are high class that even my computer at home couldn't handle with full boost. Though I like playing the game. The only thing that really had me go crazy was the mobs needed for the quests are being bullied. There are a lot of players who are having the same quest in every channel! It was so fun and frustrating at the same time and yet, I enjoyed. :)

The game interface was a new to me but it was properly organized so I was thankful I didn't have a hard time with the navigation. The quest system was a little boring but it was only on low levels. The quests goes automatically to your character and you don't have to fetch them every time you want it. Upon level 20, we can go to dungeons, battlefields, battle arena and or course, can get daily quests.

So far, I'm enjoying the game.

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