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DECO*27 - Love Distance Long Affair
11/11/11 | 0 Comments | Top

Here's one song from DECO*27. Apparently he's one of my favorite song composer. His tuning abilities is also awesome, especially with GUMI (A Vocaloid).

This song shows a love story where the couple is having a long distance relationship and are only communicating with each other using their phones. If you don't understand Japanese, kindly click on "cc" on the player to have the English subtitles. (BTW, this song's English title seems off. lol)

The PV is awesomely drawn and everything is so good!!!

Topi's voice is also very cool in this song. I really hope of having an mp3 of this song with the same quality as in the video. <333

DECO*27 Official Site:http://deco27.com/
DECO*27 Official twitter:
Label Official Site:

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