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The will of people - Tales of the Abyss
1/28/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Just finished watching Tales of the Abyss, the anime, and now I will write this reaction of mine.

Tales of the Abyss the series was derived from a game with the same title, developed by Namco Tales Studios, published by Namco. The series was developed by Sunrise and was aired by MBS back on October 2008.

Tear and Luke talking at Qliphot's garden.

Since this series was from the Tales of the Abyss RPG and I haven't tried playing that game yet, I would like everyone who reads this to keep quite about the game. Thank you.

The story goes with the main character, Luke, who has been locked up inside their family's manor ever since he was kidnapped when he was a kid, met Tear, Locrian Sergeant of the Order of Lorelei in the Intelligence Division. Tear was in a personal mission to defeat her brother, Van, who is Luke's teacher (master). Tear launched a sudden attack to his brother when Van and Luke were training together. Tear's plan failed when he was stopped by Luke as their fonons activated with each other and was thrown to an unknown forest. Later, Luke found out what fonons are and what kind of world is the outside world. Tear, who felt responsible for letting a civilian be involved with her and ended up lost, escorted Luke to his home but unfortunately, they have encountered people along their journey, problems started occurring one after another, and missing pieces started to appear as the story goes.

Guy's reaction when Luke said "Thank you." for the first time.

Although the flow of the story was good, the character development seems a little bit fast for me. Well, it is understandable since this series only has 26 episodes and by far already good.

Mainly, the plot tells about how humans have their will in order to live and teaches people not to depend much on the people surrounding them even if they think they are the only ones that can understand them. This series also states how people loves their world even if how corrupted it may seem or how awful it had become, which is a very interesting topic to discuss or debate with.

Animation is good and I love how this series focused less on romance and there are more action, plus, magical circles are awsome! The thing is, if you haven't played the game yet, it's hard to keep up with the terms they used - character names, names of places and some terms they have been using to name other elements or things which is not normal. The flow of the story was a little tense since some mystery was left under theoretical judgement up until the last few episodes of the series.

Jade Curtiss explaining while he was playing with his glasses.

My favorite character from this series (ignoring the main character, Luke, and the female favorite, Tear) is Jade Curtiss, a colonel of the Malkuth Empire. He's actually known by more than one name or title. His name was originally Dr. Jade Balfour but was adopted by the Cutiss'. He has the most awesome fonic artes among the characters in this series and I love seeing giant circles everywhere the scene whenever he uses his fonic artes! Although in the first part of the series, some of his fonic skills were locked by an item, later, he had always going all out.

When it comes to OST's, this series' opening and ending songs are catchy enough and I was completely drawn by the opening song and its lyrics' meaning.

Source: Wikipedia

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