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Black ★ Rock Shooter Episode 1
2/5/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Sooooooooo, well, I actually downloaded BRS's series' episode 1 because the link was already up at Cyber12.

At first I really hesitated because I know episode 1 is not enough to every series especially to something I was so looking forward to. Since the BRS OVA was a big let down for me, I might as well try this series they are releasing so yeah.

Black ★ Rock Shooter as the opening scene.

Of course, this series starts with Black ★ Rock Shooter, the star/main character. This series also had that "mystery" effect that the OVA had and I'm really happy about that. Though the story in this series seems to be divided into two world/dimension, it may seem a little confusing and may categorized as psychological, imo.

What made me disappointed in this was the animation sometimes is a little bit sloppy/hurried and I don't know why. but I'm going to give it to their computer generated battle scenes and character design upgrade to some characters!

Gold Saw on B★RS's Ending theme, Black ★ Rock Shooter.

I got the chance to see Gold Saw at the ending song where Supercell's Black ★ Rock Shooter was finally used!

I look forward for the next episodes. <3

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