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A Too Perfect City - No. 6 Anime Series
4/5/12 | 0 Comments | Top

I finished watching No. 6 anime series yesterday and it was very, very interesting! Who wouldn't, really? When there's a too perfect city after a war? No. 6 took place after a great war where 6 Cities were born after. No. 6, as the name of the main character's home city, is one of them.

No. 6's Last scene from the Opening Song, Spell.

A City where hardship, crimes, hunger, and other problems never existed. The desired utopia of all the people. Well, that's what people from No. 6 says so. They have the greatest of everything.

Well, that's not what the main character, Shion, believe so. After meeting a stranger, who's supposed to be a VC and is on the loose, his so-called-perfect-future was shattered.

Nezumi reacted after Shion poured water over him.

That meeting with Nezumi changed his life and the way he sees No. 6. His curiosity and his dumbness, as Nezumi states, took his life into another level. He learned how people truly live outside No. 6, learn how hardships mend people's mind, body and heart and how important the people surrounding him, and how No. 6 has been cleaning all of its bad sides for so many years.

Striving hard how to survive, he learn a lot of valuable things and met different people who have helped him go through. Also developed a strong bond with Nezumi that neither one of them could understand. Yes, there's an underlying shounen-ai but that's not what is important. (Rather for me, it's really important XD)

Although there are some conflicts between Shion and Nezumi, neither of them could deny that each are important to the other. Conflicts such as Nezumi wanted to destroy No. 6, and Shion wants No. 6 to remain on land. Although he then later concludes of destroying the wall between No. 6 and the outside lands.

This series is also under sci-fi where certain events couldn't be explain through science but the construction of the story is superb. Not to mention the novel is very interesting at the same time. (Yes, I am reading the novel right now but not yet finished.) Since there are still a lot of loopholes with the series, I decided to touch the novel and it didn't fail me.

English translation of the novel here. 9ave or 9th Avenue's English translations are quite good and I recommend her when it comes to No. 6 Novel. She plans to complete the English translation for the novel so if you want to be updated, it is the right place.

The manga is still ongoing and is still half of the novel so I wouldn't really recommend anybody to read it but at the same time, it is also a must read since the manga covers the novel more accurately than the anime.

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