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New Forum Set + Cover Photos and Vertical Display Pictures
5/1/12 | 1 Comments | Top

Well, it wasn't really long for Bonus Stage to stay up well and tight in Cloaked and my facebook accounts. It must have been because of the summer heat or because of Jemini's artworks of Rin and Len. Also, I was in the great mood for editing and even if I was in the mood, all I did was crop. XD

I was also in a very bad mood because of some personal problems and stuff. I am glad I had talked it out with Cloaked. He's a really reliable friend (Okay, maybe a boyfriend? haha). And the rest of the images are under the cut (Although they are most likely the same)!

I really wanted to make it simple but I think I made it too simple. Okay, that was just great. XD Seeing a lot of Rin and Len pictures from Zerochan also helped me lift up my mood. Hahaha

I guess that's all about them. My other graphic works (random graphic works XD) will be posted in the future. Somehow, I'm too lazy to do anything because of summer. >_<

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