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Version 007: Karakuri Burst + Anime Reviewing + 4 New Signatures + 1 Site Button + Nano's Birthday
7/13/12 | 0 Comments | Top

New Layout!

Hello guys! Well, I know, it has been a while but I've finished some one shots for my duty so far and I do hope I get to share them to you sooner since I need my boss' permission first.

So yeah, Version 007 is here featuring Rin and Len Kagamine from the ever awesome song, Karakuri Burst (YT, NND), by the awesome HitoshizukuP (ひとしずくP) and Yama (やま△) and art by the so awesome Suzunosuke-sama!!! 

I believe I have mentioned Suzunosuke before but I can't recall while writing this entry so yeah maybe later I'll update it or not since I'm too lazy and I have to catch up with the other stuff that I need to know on the interwebs since I am so behind due to my busy schedule.

Anime Reviewing

My passion to anime reviewing is non stop and even if I have this tight schedule, I don't care! LOL Well, actually when Angry Anime Bitches opened for hiring bloggers, I joined in immediately. They were fun to chat with but because I have a different time zone, it's really hard for me to keep up with them but no, it was thanks to our mini-bulletin. lol

So far, I am reviewing over Hunter x Hunter 2011, the re-make series and Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Season 2. Don't worry, there are other writers there too who reviews other different series so if ever you're in search of a good on-going anime series, you can check out the reviews there if the series fits your style and discuss with us as well. :)

4 New Signatures!

Yes, and they are all Karakuri-themed!!! 8D

Well, I was just playing with textures, really and I seriously enjoy working while on Suzu's illustrations. Her works are always so awesome I couldn't help but wait for some updates from her. <3 haha

1 Site Button

Well, to match my new layout, of course, so I crop an image and put text on it. How cool can it be? XD

So yeah, you're all free to use it for any purposes but not for selling. lol It won't cost you any anyway. Just... host it on your own servers since you can't hot link on blogger-uploaded images. haha

Nano's Birthday!

Okay, you don't know Nano? Well, hello there, GO TO HER CHANNEL NOW AND LISTEN TO ALL OF HER SONGS, BUY HER DEBUT ALBUM AND HER SINGLE ALBUM LIKE RIGHT NOW!!! Well, yes, she's my favorite singer. Not only she's Japanese and can sing in English like a boss but she always puts her best into all of her songs and covers which makes the song more magical than it has ever been.

She has a lovely and unique voice and I came to love her ever since I learned about the existence of this living piece of art. Her birthday was on July 12!!! I greeted her late and I was so disappointed of myself. *blames my busy schedule* So anyway, I just wanted to share what Nano taught me in so many different things just by her singing and music.

I can't believe she's a human and is living in my generation. I am so thankful. <3

Nano, a great happy birthday to you! I don't know how old you are but I am so happy that you live in my generation! You don't know how thankful I am because of your songs. T_T They make me cry. Even if they are happy songs, they make me cry because of too much epicnessss so guys, LISTEN TO HER SONGS, LIKE, EVERYDAY FROM NOW ON! HAHA

Ranting's over. 8D

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