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Ao no Exorcist AMV feat. Hysteri - nano
11/3/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Yes, I finally made a full-song (well, not really) Anime Music Video (AMV). Please read the video description if you have time. You see, aside from graphics (or aside from Adobe Photoshop) I want to explore other aspects of aestheticism as well. XD

I have been away from making AMVs for year now. I actually started making AMVs way before I started doing graphics and at that time, I was just using Windows Movie Maker so I have no other options on editing the video quality. You can check my old YouTube account for some of my old works.

Now, I want to use Adobe Premiere and starting to get a hang of the software since I never really took it seriously like this. XD Hopefully, I'll be able to create more badass AMVs like what mo0on12 would usually do (Yes, please check Jojo out, she's awesome even if her videos are a few years old already).

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