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Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 61 Graphic Dump!
1/6/13 | 0 Comments | Top

Have you watched the remake of this seires? Hunter x Hunter 2011, the remake of the original animated series, Hunter x Hunter, adapted from the manga with the same title by Yoshihiro Togashi. I'm currently reviewing the series at AAB and the latest episode, episode 61 had a lot of feels that gave me concerning Gon and Killua.

The first one was actually Killua's killing intent after being attacked by an unknown magic since he is our little assassin. The second one was when he smiled after Gon told him "I'm glad that I met you" and when he said that Gon was wrong and it's the other way around. The third one was, of course, when he finished his sentence that "I'm glad to have met you."

How precious can these two adorable kids can be? So I was seriously inspired of making something from these screenshots. More screenshots from this episode are found on this post.

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