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Linzz's Fate Render Pack 01
3/29/13 | 0 Comments | Top

I decided to share my renders. LOL Well, some of them could be seen from other render sites but... what the heck, I'll share them anyway. All of them are actually renders that I've used for my previous graphic works. It would be such a waste on deleting them after all those hard work I've put on rendering them. XD So I've decided to share them instead.

DOWNLOAD: Linzz_Fate_-_Render_Pack_01_[20130429]
Size: 20 MB
Number of Renders: 20
List by Categories:
Black Rock Shooter (1)
Kuroko no Basket (2)
Pokemon (3)
Sister Princess (1)
Vocaloid (13)

Some of them are not on high quality but... nonetheless, better than nothing. LOL I hope you enjoy them. /o/

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