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Linzz's Fate Version 011: Stranger
3/9/13 | 0 Comments | Top

Howdy! Yes, new layout. I do love my previous layout but sometimes, I miss my favorite color. Yes, gray and this version has full of them! I used other colors for highlights as well, blue and pink. I do love the combination and the result. I added some image tweaks on the codes too. Makes you wanna click on the image more, huh? XD

Well, about the layout... it features another Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune. She is the most popular Vocaloid of all time so I'd be so shocked if you haven't even heard of that name before. I did say on my previous version post that I'll be using another character other than Rin and Len for my next layout and here it is! As suggested by a friend of mine through facebook, it's the Teal-haird Girl! XD

This was actually done about a month ago but schoolwork and other things in real life kept be behind and wasn't able to touch anything. XD Plus, Nano's 2nd Album!!! I waaaannnttt!!! D8 Man, she's such a talented singer!

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