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New Forum Set!
3/8/13 | 0 Comments | Top

Wow. My last update was still since Valentines! Anyhow, I'm sorry for being absent for a while without some notice beforehand. Schoolwork just piled up and the next thing I knew, I had to meet with deadlines and some real-life-related stuff just kept on bawling at me. LOL Anyyywaaaayyy, here's the new forum set I've been using (but lazy to update my other forum accounts haha).

Remember, click them to see their real quality!

Ahhhhh, well, I'm planning on changing my blog's layout again next time - after I have caught up with my Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode reviews over at Angry Anime Bitches. I miss three episodes and will be four on Sunday. GAAAHHHH!!! D8

Also, I'll be posting some of my works that were not yet posted before too. :)

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