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3 New Cover Photos!~
4/16/13 | 0 Comments | Top

Hi again! Man, I actually have noooo inspiration to do graphics - once again. LOL but somehow, my friends are motivating me so I'm doing them! LOL Another was because I went on and read the spin off book of No. 6 and was soooo mad because the two main characters that I wanted to meet just... *tooooot* spoiler alert. HAHA You can go read it here.

The first one is a character from No. 6. Man, I was so inspired that time that I just had to settle with the simplest one I was thinking. LOL He's Shion and the main character and the quote was exactly how 9thAve translated the text of the novel. It was touching but the ending is... blah!

The second one was a request from a friend of mine - a character from Mahou Sensei Negima. The last one - is actually my favorite - L of Deathnote, Matryoshka ver. XDD

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