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Collab Set with Krantz~
9/13/13 | 1 Comments | Top

Actually, in a game that I am laying, FFSNG (Friends For Sale New Generation, as I believe it to be), me and Krantz (a dear friend of mine) decided to create a group last June and it was named "Chronos" - following the system of the anime Black Cat where all of the members contains a roman number each. So actually, one play of Chronos is to change display pictures every once in a while that was created for the group especially.

Our fifth set was a collab with Krantz and you know what? It resulted into something cool that I wanted to share it up to my blog too!

Krantz is actually the stated leader of the group then, there's me and Misheru as the admins of the group to maintain member activity at all time. Yeah - a little strict there. XD The set contains 20 DPs since our group is only limited to 20 members only bet we're still trying to maintain a good group with small members and happy about it. XD

PS: I was actually the one who trained (or not lol) Krantz in editing and I am so happy to see that she was able to blend the colors better than before. /tears

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