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I'm now back! + New Affiliate!
9/7/13 | 0 Comments | Top

Gosh! It has been a long time since I last posted something on my blog, right? IT has also been a long time since I ever shared any of my works anywhere! I've been really caught up with work now in real life + my studies with foreign language which making mg one-day off from work not enough to do everything I wanted since they are pretty much occupied by my friends. Yes, I do hang out with them every Monday (my day off).

So, to make up from those absences from blogging, I wanted to give my blog a new fresh layout. I mean, I did mention I do plan to marathon a layout with Vocaloid Characters! Miku is done, now, it's time for CV02, Megurine Luka!~

So I found this image randomly. It does look like Luka from her song Just be Friends and I picked it for that sole purpose! That song changed my views in love (meh, even though I don't have experiences into such anyway) and how people should accept things can be different without us, liking it and that there are inevitable things that will happen even if these things are some things we don't want to happen. That's life, right?

Anyway, please look forward for my works to be published here. I don't think I can still keep up but I will try! I'll reply to chatbox messages often this time too - that is, if I don't forget them anyway. HAHA

Also, please welcome another new friend in my circle! Sugar Graphics. Please check this site! they have lovely goodies as well! :)

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