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Animahenasyon 2013: Last Day Exhibit & Cosplay
11/24/13 | 0 Comments | Top

Late post, I know. I only realized it this January that I didn't post about my quick adventure at Animahenasyon 2013! Well, I'll edit the date anyway. XD

Last November 22, 2013, I was able to find time to go to the last day of Animahenasyon's celebration. There's a registration fee, you see and I can't really afford it since at this time, I didn't have any job at all. LOL But good thing the exhibit is free and so is the cosplay competition. But to fail myself more, I wasn't able to watch the competition. When I arrived at the location, it was already over. Well, damn luck. XD

But I was able to get a few images from the exhibit and cosplayers. I would like to thank a lot of people!

Well, at least I was able to meet some online friends because of this event even though I wasn't able to catch up with the competition. I heard that there were only a few contestants which was a little let down for me. But nonetheless, hanging out with some friends is the greatest!

I was also able to find Yuki Mimi! She cosplayed Hatsune Miku's school girl version where she was really cute when I found her. Of course, I asked a few photos of her!

I also met a local model friend, Daphne although she wasn't able to cosplay for the day - you can always check into her FB profile. She have some cool cosplay and modeling photos too. :)

More Cosplay photos available bellow and at my Animahenasyon 2013 Album at facebook.

This photo was taken from a person's "Batman" figures collection. The collection was stunning and I was caught taking a picture of Joker of the owner from behind at the shot. LOL It was a little embarrassing but it was cool.

I also took the time to leisure around the exhibit and of course, the first thing you'd see around would be the TOEI PH's exhibit area which was the widest out of all.

There was a section that featured their legendary series Dagonball Series. Who wouldn't like these series of portraits in a corner? Who?!

If there's Dragonball Series, There's also a One Piece Section, featuring their latest Film Z! Did I mention how badass One Piece Film Z's costume designs are? They are just too cool tot he pirates!

I do plan to work into TOEI one day or just... in any animation company available and is ready to accept someone as lazy as me. XD

I also met some crazy cosplayers! I have more photos of these two in my facebook album about the event. Getting shots of them were fun. If only I was a better photographer, I could have gotten some better photo of these two but I quite don't have any plans on concentrating much in photography at the moment.

Good thing there's also a part of the exhibit room where the curtain matched quite well with some cosplayers' costumes. :)

And after that, we went on ahead and had lunch and later took our separate ways since I have somewhere else to go to during that day. I was a busy kid! hahahaha Photo above was with Aoi, cosplaying Kuroneko (with other aliases of the character lol) from Oreimo.

More photos of the event here.

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