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Start of 2014!
1/19/14 | 1 Comments | Top

I actually start my year with reading a certain book I found from my old home. I was just randomly looking for books to read which had been my habit every time I came back home to the farm. Last year's book was something I had forgotten but I know it is in my room somewhere. LOL The book from last, last year was of F is for Fugitive, a mystery book which caught me really curious.

This year was a great book mixed with optimism about life and love, humor and a man's effort into making his life that was once a mess to be straight even with some difficulties on his own personality. Truly, The Silver Lining Playbook by Mathew Quick was a good read. :)

The first three cover photos were actually made from the latest anime this Winter Season, Hamatora - which is like the Get Backers kind of story with just a lot of people in one team (well, even though GB had a lot of people on the later parts too but... yeah. lol).

The first one was actually a request by a friend. The second one was also a request by Krantz which she wants something like mine (the last one) with the difference in the character being featured.

These two were inspired by winter and the latest Disney movie, Frozen, which premiered last December 2013. The first one was a request by someone over facebook. I actually made two versions with the texts difference only. The second one was mine with the lyrics of Let it Go by Demi Lovato. I personally like the movie version though.

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