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Party x Party Cover Photos
6/4/14 | 1 Comments | Top

Well, as I said before, even if I'm really busy now, I know there can still be a time where I can make graphics but for selected people only (including myself). Actually, one level of language class had just finished on my side so we had a few days of free from schedule so I made use of that time to do them. And now, we're on another level of language class so it will be busy again.

The images were drawn by my favorite PV Artist, Suzunosuke and these were from HitoshizukuP and Yamadan's song, Party x Party featuring the six Vocaloids of Crypton (which to say that I have featured in all of Linzz Fate's layout before - pround).

I didn't actually plan on creating two of these but my friend Krantz wanted to have one as well featuring Len Kagamine so why not? All I did was change the position, blur and sharpened areas of the work anyway. Plus, the name. XD

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