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First Salary in Japan
7/26/15 | 1 Comments | Top

Hi guys! So sorry for not updating for months. I never knew that settling down in a new country takes a lot of time and I was busy going around town, hopping from one place to another, adventuring. So, what do I have in store for my blog this time? As the title implies my first anime-related-stuff buying starts.

Since I promised to treat myself on my first salary in this country, I didn’t hold back. But to be honest, I DID hold back because if I didn’t, I will not have anything left for my savings.

The story started with me and my friends planning to go for some gaming time but then he forgot the way towards our supposed-to-be destination. And so, I ended up at Animate – an hobby collection store.
I think most of my friends knows that I am a crazy fan of Rin and Len Kagamine. And when I entered their store, the first thing that came to my sight was the Rin and Len Kagamine Cup with a G-clef holder and with Tama’s illustrations! 

Dude! It was Tama! And you know what I did? I immediately called for a sales person and asked to get that cup out and give it to me. Yes, I ordered.

With that done, I proceeded with getting the first Art Book of Yana Toboso – the creator of Kuroshitsuji. I already had planned on buying it ever since I first stepped into Animate. So I took it and didn’t even recheck the price. AT ALL.

The front and back inner covers are actually so fine that I almost cried when I opened it myself. I plan to buy Yana Toboso's other art books and the same goes for CLAMP.

So next, I turned to the Vocaloid section because I was curious if there are any more Rin and Len merchandise that are being displayed, and so, I was right. And I caught “Evil’s Kingdom” Album. My friend tried to stop me from buying it but it was futile. Everyone knows that my love for Rin and Len (and for mothy) is uncontrollable. 

The album comes with a chain (and I am loving it)! I will be using it on my company phone and will be always filled with energy whenever someone from the company will call me instead of being depressed while thinking it is, again, work (lol). And with an Exit Tunes Card! I crai. I dunno if I’ll be using it but I will use it for my Rin and Len Babies.

And I found these beautiful and cute chains of the both of them too. I just took it from its place and went to the counter with the fear that I won’t be able to eat for the next few weeks if I stayed there.

After that small adventure, another friend came to accompany me going around town. We were able to reach Nagasaki’s China Town and I stumbled upon this book store. 


So I was originally searching for any CLAMP Artbooks then I saw a Rin and Len Kagamine Artbook Collection instead. Oh, you know the rest of the story.

Linzz became broke and shall wait for the next payment with hunger. HAHA

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