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Animahenasyon 2011 - Trip to Manila
11/26/11 | 0 Comments | Top

Me and Kristine on Eastwood Fountain.
So I just returned - well actually no, I just returned yesterday back to Iloilo from Manila. Me and my friends went to Manila on November 22, 2011 to go and attend the 5th Animation Festival (Animahenasyon 2011) held at Eastwood City.

Eastwood City is a very nice place. So big and so many tall buildings where there are none on Iloilo. I was really amazed by how tall buildings are in Manila and whenever I stare at them from the bottom I feel like they are going to collapse anytime. XD

We stayed on Manila from November 22, 2011 to November 26, 2011. Although it was really short, I feel like I was there in months already! LOL Manila is a very tiring place for a person like me who's used to a simple life in Iloilo. Even my friends who went with me agrees. So yeah, in this entry, prepare for a long entry and long tags. XD
Negadon by Jun Awazu.
Animahenasyon 2011 is just your ordinary animation festival where Filipino animators are given most of the attention. We also met a Japanese animation director where he specializes on 3D animation. His works are really good and you should know him too! Jun Awazu is really an awesome director. His works like "Negadon" and "Plan Zet" were really cool and awesome. Personally, I liked the Plan Zet better. Maybe because the flow of the story was really nice and good for my futuristic mind. XD

Not only Awazu-san but also the makers of the animation series "Supa Strikas" were there. I've watched a couple of episodes of the series on Disney channel but barely really caught my attention. Their group's story interests me and their speaker, Richard Morgan-Grenville, has this very interesting personality that made me listened to the whole forum thing! He made things less boring, really. My friend and our professor got a free CD of some episodes of the series. They were quite happy about that. We also got some comics of the series too. Really entertaining.

Other conferences was lectures about animation, design and everything else needed for an animation series or video. They were quite entertaining or maybe it's only because of the interesting topics that they are covering.

I've also watched a very interesting short film by Makoto Shinkai / CoMix Wave Films, the "Voices of a Distant Star". This time, it's a futuristic, mecha and a romance story. A story of a childhood friends where the girl was taken to outer space for a mission and the only communication they have is through e-mails. The further the girl went out of the Solar System, the longer the time the e-mails will be received from each other. It has a hanging type of ending so the viewers were like "OMG that's it?!" or something along those lines. I did thought of that too. The animation is not that of a high quality but the battle scenes were actually pretty good. The background was also done so nice. It was a very touching story that even one of my friends said so and he was a guy.

Jonah and Me having a picture with a Pretty Cure character.
Well, no. The festival is not yet over. We got to see more shows on the 26th of November whereas it was TOEI PH's 25 years celebration! My classmates were able to visit their building and it was quite interesting. Me and Jonah/Maikan went to some other places for an Eye Ball. 8D But we were able to attend the Animetic's event and other things that was so interesting too! We got to enjoy picture taking with cosplayers and stalls and got to receive our prizes from the festival. I got a TOEI T-shirt, by the way and it was cool!

Great Battle from One Piece.
There were so many stalls and more figurines everywhere. What caught my attention was the "Great Battle" setting of One Piece series. You know, where Ace died. It was so sad. D8 Also the other Setting where the background was really done nicely and the surroundings was done great even though it was only made of styros. It was really fun being surrounded by things I'm interested at. REALLY!!!

Well, I guess that's what the most fun/interesting parts of the Festival. We also got to see the exhibits. I got to try using a wacom and it was really fun although I had trouble controlling my pulse in drawing since it was really different from drawing in free hand.

I got these from the festival:
Freebies from Animahenasyon.
TOEI Paper fan and TOEI T-shirt.

On the 24th, I went to Boni with Jonah and her boyfriend to attend an Eye Ball with Infinity Clan Members. It was just a small house party hosted by Kim/Idol Sky. It was short, but fun. Yes, I had fun even though I don't talk that much because I'm not confident about my Tagalog. D8 I got to meet Krantz, Tomoya, Ponkan, Greyfox, Dah, Jay Kulot, Jhay, Jon, ETC. OMG Do I have to enumerate?! LOL

We played the spin the bottle game and the fun part was where a lot of us has to eat ice. D8 Even I have to eat ICE!!! D8 I felt really stupid. LOL

Picture with GM Rave, Calyx, and Lax at Shakey's
25th of November, We went to GameClub PH where we met GM Rave and GM Classified of Dragona PH, GM Calyx and GM Lax of iDate PH. Too bad GM Chase was not there. OMG I feel like we're not meant to meet, mami!!! D8 But I really really thank you for the free snacks at Shaykey's! REALLY!!! I enjoyed with them although I was too shy with Classified. LOL He's really handsome. Bursty was not really lying to me. LOL After the Shakey's was the weirdest part of all. We were staring with each other, giggle and laughing without even saying a word! D8 It was weird but really fun. Thanks for the company guys! Especially to GM Calyx that she had to missed a 6PM event. LOL

Picture with GM Lychee and GM Strawb
We also got to Visit EagleGame PH and got to meet GM Banana, GM Lychee, GM Strawberry, GM Raspberry and saw their office. They gave us posters, installers and some gift codes of ShowTime SEA also doughnuts with Coke Light. I was really full but I have to eat at least one doughnut. LOL GM Banana also given us free in-game items. That was really kind of him. Well, everyone is anyway. I enjoy chatting with them in their office. They have a really nice working place.

It was a very tiring trip. We weren't able to catch the last trip of MRT to go home and went for a bus instead. We walked quite a distance before getting stable on the route. Though I couldn't deny that I had fun with those walks. XD

Things I bought from Comic Alley
Oh yeah, I also had to stop by the Comic Alley on Cubao because I just had to buy that Rin and Len Kagamine plushie!!! I thought twice back then since the price is a little bit high. 680 php for one plushie and that'll cost me more than 1k php for two pluhsies. >_< I don't want to finish up all of my allowances that day. I don't even plan to. good thing the sales lady told me before hand that the plushie is on a buy-one-take-one promo and so I just had to buy them both! >8D< I also bought a Rin Kagamine's Meltdown Guitar keychain and a mini notebook of Rin and Len Kagamine. Not that obvious that I'm their fan, isn't it? XD 

I was also planning on buying a sling bag of the Kagamines too but I saw none and only Miku Hatsune but I want a Rin and Len Kagamine bag so I ignored the Miku bags. LOL I saw a lot of nice stuffs in the store but I just had to hold back my urge and went out of the store as fast as I could. XD

This one-day trip, I got these:
Things from EagleGame GMs.

Things from GM Chase of GameClub.
I really hope I will meet more people and have more things on my next visit to Manila. I'll be having my OJT on Manila with 85% chance of having so. I hope by then, I could have a longer time with the people I have met and to the people I will meet. 8D

More shakeys please! XD

OMG This entry is sooo long!!! D8

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