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『Butter-Fly』 - Nico Nico Chorus
11/16/11 | 0 Comments | Top

This song is so precious. First time I heard this chorus I was like, "OMG this guy's voice is so cool!" and then when 2 guys sang, I went "OHHH MYYYY" another two then I went "SHOOOTTTT!!!" and then on the chorus it was like *insert total awe here*. Everyone in this chorus are awesome and that guy that does the "tatatatatatatatata" was cool. Pretty much. XD

Digimon Adventure was one of my most favorite anime series when I was a child. It was so meaningful and so awesome even though it's a series for children. I cried many times in this series. I DID!!! I even cry whenever I miss one gawdamn episode when it aired on Animax. Hearing this Chorus and seeing that pixelated background video made me remember those time. =w= It was precious. <3

Ahhh, how I wish I was a child again. I also would love to watch this series again!!!

Nico Nico Video Link
YouTube Video Link

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