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Delivering Hearts!
1/16/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Hi! It's an anime review from me! OMG!

Tegami Bachi or popularly known as Letter Bee is another anime series I just happen to watch recently. This series started as a manga illustrated by Hiroyuki Asada and started serializing on 2006 by Shounen Jump and continues its releases on Jump SQ. The anime started on 2009 by Studio Pierrot and aired at TV Tokyo and having two seasons, Tegami Bachi and Tegami Bachi Reverse.

Lag Seeing and his dingo, Niche.

I first saw this series when Animax suddenly started to air it back on 2012. I was so moved on how this little young man had always loved delivering letters to his city and other parts of their society and treating the letter as the "heart" of the sender. Knowing all the reasons as to why he does makes me even love the series more. Furthermore, these people who deliver hearts (letters) are called Letter Bees.

The story started for this specific Letter Bee with a mission to deliver a letter that was assigned to him, picked the letter from a certain place and latter he learned that the letter that he's supposed to deliver is a child, full of hopes and dreams for its future. And so, he took the challenge and ended up making friends with this child. Due to the child's experience, he also dream to become just like the guy who delivered him. Thus from then on, he strive hard to become a great Letter Bee then knowing later that the person whom he had always looked up to was already been missing for years and is no longer a part of the delivering group.

Seeing how this series had never dropped comedy and plus, the main character, Lag Seeing, always cry for, like, every episode, I came to enjoy it even more. Yes, each episode always tells a good story to be told and very touching to a human's heart. You can't help but to be moved by the happenings and not to mention, this touching series also have some actions with it, mixed.

Zazie holding up his gun ready to attack a Gaichuu.

Though delivering a letter sounds easy, in this series, insects in real life are actually big and dangerous for these fellows. They are called Gaichuu and are after the letters or hearts of people and sucks them as to they, themselves, doesn't have a heart. The only way to defeat something without a heart is giving it a heart and so, these Letter Bees are equipped with weapons engraved with amber stones which can amplify their hearts and turns them into bullets but there are some other ways the amber stones can be used to defeat the Gaichuus. Lag, on the other hand, doesn't need an amber stone since his left eye is already an embedded amber stone or spirit amber (amber spirit).

Mystery is also the key to this series and sadly the other details that is needed for the mystery are not properly mentioned to the anime and some of them are already for theological thinking of the viewers which is making it more interesting to discuss with other people who have also watched the series. In fact, even I have some difficulties of chaining everything up for the story.

So far, I'm already satisfied with its anime's ending and I'm loving Tegami Bachi Reverse's second opening song.

This series also had a special anime aired on 2008 and is also animated by Studio Pierrot.

Source: Wikipedia

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