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Orange feat Rin and Len Kagamine
1/19/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Hi guys!

I got tired of the dark layout so I made another layout for my Dump Blog featuring light colors! Plus, my favorite color, gray. 8D

After the Ao no Exorcist anime ended, I thought of changing the layout but really was too lazy to do that. It was only then that tomorrow, I have an exam on 7:30 am and I'm here, creating a new layout for my blog 'till 11:00 pm without even reviewing at all!

So, about this layout... It features Rin and Len Kagamine from ShounenT's song Orange. You can find that song on YouTube if you try to search for that. Big thanks to Tama for the wonderful art as well. She's one of my favorite Illustrators from NND. :D The song's PV was actually good and the song's meaning was pretty much touching so the song became stuck at my mind up until now!

ShounenT produces songs and is also a cover artist. I love his songs so far~

So, I should go and sleep now to wake up early for tomorrow's exam!

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