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Signature Dump #16 - Start of 2012 Dumps!
1/21/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Featuring, of course, me and Cloaked's forum set~
I got tired of the previous ones because a lot of people over at GameClub Forums are already using "Image-Over-Texts" design so ... because I want us to be unique, I changed our forum sets.

This forum set features Rin and Len Kagamine, as usual, with their song "Parallellines". Art is by Yuyupo. I also rendered this baby before. Brushes are not mine as well and forgot to take down owners for credits. >_< Me and my failures but they are all from Brusheez or MPB. That's where I usually get brushes anyway. xD

Now, I will proceed with the dumping!!!



I've used brushes now more and I have only to dump less numbers of signatures since I want to stop doing it for other for free. They are taking everything in my time, honestly and not all of them uses them anyway.

Most images are from Zerochan.

That's for now. 8D

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