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Another Episode 5
2/7/12 | 2 Comments | Top

Okay first off, I don't know why they have to replay the former death. =.=" Well, I had to deal with it that maybe there are some other extra scenes but there was only a few seconds so it was really useless. lol

One good thing about this episode is there's really more Misaki & Sakakibara moments! Like, yes! And I don't know why everyone just tries to ignore one person in order for them to counter that curse (or was it really a curse) when they can just investigate everything altogether.

Now that makes it two people are being ignored in the class. It doesn't still make sense! Well, at least, by this, Misaki's existence is actually confirmed and of course, Misaki and Sakakibara can now be seen more together after this episode.

Ahhhh, knowing this actually made me really happy now this couple can be together without any hesitation!!! Well, at least on the next episode they will get to hold hands. hahahaha

Okay, I'm spoiling already. LOL

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