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Valentine Secret + Erythrae's Icon Contest + Link Updates
2/12/12 | 0 Comments | Top

I just came back home today and I had the chance to color this drawing right when my head is still aching from the trip. I still feel waves under my feet. lol

Yeah, we traveled by sea and I didn't regret going with this tour either. It was fun. There are a lot of food and it's really my first time on eating buffet for meals for three days straight!

I've drawn this together with my gift for Yukiko for her birthday. It's Rin Kagamine (hopefully it looks like her) and holding a wrapped chocolates to give to someone for Valentines.


I might use this for a valentine greeting card that I'll make for Valentines. :)

I've always wanted to draw Rin and Len together and I'm working on it. Hopefully I will get it right anytime soon and will be able to draw both of them to one of my friends' birthday. 8D

If you want a drawing gift from me, you can just comment bellow the month and day of your birthday and I'll try my best to make you a present! :D

Also, I joined Erythrae's Winter Icon Contest! You guys should join too for the fun! 8D

I also plan on joining Erythrae's Wallpaper contest if I have the mood to do a movie wallpaper. XD

New Affiliates:

Please click these lovelies and see what their site has and talk to them. <3333 Thank you. :D

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