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Another - Episode 6 + New Affiliate
2/16/12 | 2 Comments | Top

My long awaited episode!!! Well, I've already watched this back from Monday but since school is pretty much hectic for me that first day of the week, I couldn't barely finish an episode review/rant. XD

So, as everyone expected from the last episode, there are more Misaki x Sakakibara moments! I am so happy!!!

Even though they only talked about the thing going on in the class, I'm still so happy seeing them more together this episode.

One by one they actually are getting close as to why the class has to act like one of them is actually not there also as for Sakakibara's mother's death. Though his aunt doesn't really remember all of the details during her high school so it was a little hanging. >_<

And yeah, a fan service from Sakakibara's Day dreaming. LOL

I laughed so hard seeing how they actually danced in front of the class and not being noticed. I mean, how can someone really ignore such scene? Even if you're desperate to uphold such rule, you can't miss out this scene in class, seriously. XD

Well, yeah - another hanging scene on the loose. Now, their teacher goes inside their class carrying a big knife. Probably will be killing someone considering the blood or maybe kill himself in front of everybody. That's an insane theory but I would like to think no one from the class actually is going to get killed.

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