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Random Video Feature + Vocalekt Visions + Blog Review
2/17/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Random Video Feature:

I just have to share it and write something about it because it's an awesome 41-sec AMV featuring Vegeta from Dragonball series. Very touching and will break all of those walls you have. I was very touched by this video and I hope you guys are going to be touched too.

Video by Jonklie

Vocalekt Visions:

Sharing Vocalekt Vision's future new song, Jyuurokusai, featuring Miku Hatsune and GUMI. I really love their songs and my favorite will be their Miku's Lemon Ice Bar. You should check other of their songs too. If you're into Vocaloids, you will surely love them.

Honestly, this song makes me wanna dance while sitting and browsing through the net. =w=

Just a small information: Vocalekt Vision is composed of two awesome people, Neutrino (@neutrino_P) and Tempo (@Tempo_P). Usually, Neutrino is the one doing the music and Tempo for the lyrics and these two are really amazing. They are just one of the few Western Vocaloid Producers out there and are my favorite. =w=

Please see them on AOD (Anime on Display) too on February 18, 2012; 3:00 - 4:30 PM PST or just see them live via net through this link.

You should also buy their albums!

Blog Review:

My Blog was reviewed and I'm so happy about it!!! Thanks to Mintomami for the Blog Review and for her personal thoughts about it too! Thank you so much!

I never really thought I would feel like this knowing what other people thinks about my site. I feel really happy. =w= It's childish, I know. HAHA

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