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Black ★ Rock Shooter - Episode 3
2/17/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Subbed episode was released yesterday but I only had the chance to download and watched it today even though I was excited because in this episode, there's more Black ★ Gold Saw on the scenes!

Black ★ Gold Saw as she appeared on B★RS Episode 3's intro.

This scene is so precious!!! I mean, Black ★ Gold Saw smiling! It's something to treasure for the rest of my life! Look at those curves on her lips. This was shown in the first few seconds of the episode and I was so happy and smiling throughout the opening song. (Yes, I didn't bother on skipping it because of happiness.)

Well, this episode focuses more on Mato's (Kuroi a.k.a. Black ★ Rock Shooter) basketball captain, Kohata, the strong wield person. I really like her character in this episode since she's really strong - at heart and maybe in physical terms as well.

Saya-sensei as she imitates Yomi's gesture towards her.

In this episode, it was also revealed the Black ★ Gold Saw's human character was their Consultation teacher, Saya, which is really wicked! I like her!!! I love her too much. *squishes Saya-sensei* I can personally imagine Saya-sensei as BGS.

So far, this episode is just an introduction to Kohata's issue and the next episode will be expected to have more action so here's more BGS Screenies <333

And sharing this screen capture too since Black ★ Rock Shooter looked so cool in this:

Black ★ Rock Shooter in insane mode when she tries to kill a doll.

Looking forward for the next episode!~ <3

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