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Another - Episode 7
2/21/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Another episode to look forward to. Since episode 6 was too hanging for the viewers. XD Though the first part was a little gore-y than those deaths before since it's actually a suicide in front of the students.

Their homeroom teaching, attempting suicide.

I won't be posting the critical picture since it was too awesome so you must see the episode somehow and I don't want my blog to be full of blood though I love putting it as much as you want to see it so, watch the episode yourself. :P

After what happened, actually, some of the class are already talking to Sakakibara and Misaki like normal. According to them, it was hard keeping the "act" as their countermeasure for the curse and they decided to investigate the matter altogether, finally!

Through some information they've got from a family member of one of their classmate, they have gotten some good leads as to why the curse stopped 15 years ago where Sakakibara's aunt was actually in the class and when his mother also died, giving birth to him. Although the information was not that complete/concrete since neither from the class 15 years ago can really remember the details of the memory.

It was also decided that they'd go camping just like 15 years ago to the same place, having a large number of students as much as possible. Even though it was a hard decision for their assistant home room teacher, Ms. Mikami, it was already decided.

Sakakibara in his nightmare.

Of course there's this weird part of the episode as well that made me, and the others as well, wonder about Sakakibara's existence. He dreamnt about the whole class saying that he's the one who is dead. (Remember about the words written on Miksaki's desk?) 

But of course, his classmate, Akazawa (also their countermeasure leader), assured that he is alive and that they had meet somewhere from the past. Still, he doubts his existence which also made me doubt him too in some weird ways.

Misaki, teasing Sakakibara from a coffin.

But personally, what made him relieved from all of these doubts was, of course, Misaki. After the little discussion he had with three of his classmates, he went to tell about it to Misaki. He also invited Misaki to come with them to meet a certain person who gave them a little hint about what happened 15 years ago but Misaki has already plans with her family. Instead, she gave Sakakibara her phone number and call her in case something happens.

She also reassured Sakakibara that he is not dead.

How sweet, isn't she? 8D

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