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Prince of Tennis II - Episode 8
2/23/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Another epiclly funny episode form this series! I've seen quite some funny and weird parts of the characters in this series again and I'm happy about that.

Since the whole training is expected to have a full blast of seriousness, this series failed me and my common expectation! I should give them that.

Well, three from the loosers team were chosen to make an errand (a mission as they called) by their Coach, Mifune. It was a weird mission, of course. What would you expect? He's been training them in a weird way from the very beginning anyway.

The chosen three were Echizen (The lead actor), Tanishi (The fat guy), and Kenya (Naniwa's Speed Star) and as was chosen out of random thought. Their mission was to gather some items from U-17 Camp by sneaking inside the camp and with a special mission to get a sake for their coach, of course.

They've been into nothing for getting some items. Just getting out of the cave full of bats and jumping across the river inside the cave over rocks where Kenya, obviously didn't made it since his balance is off even though he has great speed. He did walk over on water, that's a good thing. But before he could even catch a hold of Tanishi's lent out hand, he was at his limit. He was swayed by the river, then the rock holding Tanishi collapsed and he got a hold of Echizen's foot so three of them fell down.

Though after they got themselves out of the water, they realized they are already inside the camp! The camp's security is tight with guards and dogs but they sneaked in quite good and got the items they need in a piece of cake.

Well, the special mission was the hardest since indoor security is even tighter. I do love their mental coach, he's awesome! There's this multi-camera hallway, and this laser hall way that they have to pass through to get to the lounge where the sake that their coach Mifune wants sits in.

Although it was impossible for Tanishi to get through those lasers and Kenya had some trouble dealing with them at first but when Echizen thought of following Kirihara's hints (which is a result of some funny reason, you should seriously watch it), they got through it in a snap. Every scene was funny especially that Axe kick! I never really know such thing existed. XD

After they have gotten themselves into the lounge, all they have to do is get the sake that is needed. But that's not really what happened. Echizen and Kenya's tummy growled out of hunger and saw a fridge full of food so they went and had themselves a full and hearing their reaction, Tanishi (who's waiting before the lasers), he also went to their direction blasting the camp's alarm on. Everyone actually woke up through it.

Busted to have a safe go with the mission, they found themselves seeing Inui's juice in front of them and decided to get that juice instead of the sake their coach wanted. Well, expecting what Inui's juice can do to a person, they brought it for the coach.

Though it didn't really do anything to him. XD

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