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Signature Dump #19 + FBML Template + Some Guidelines
2/23/12 | 0 Comments | Top

I've received some requests and was on the mood on doing them all. I dunno what made me though. XD Some of them might have been done in a fast speed but my eyes love the effects so far.

I actually re-made Pechay's signature since she was not a fan of the crying Luka from the previous one I've made. XD

Also, I've made my new forum set again~

Plus, I made an FBML Template for Perfect Cosplay Fanpage from Facebook. I've used Ami's photos where she cosplayed Sheryl Nome and photographed by Kiwira.I got permission from her for using her photos. She's really kind and an awesome cosplayer so check her DeviantArt account too!

FBML Template for Perfect Cosplay Fanpage.

Also, My Requests, Commissions, Collaborations and Trade Guidelines are already available! Don't hesitate on contacting me if you're interested to any of them. <3

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