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Black ★ Rock Shooter - Episode 4
2/26/12 | 0 Comments | Top

I have to be honest, the sudden character development in this series makes it a little weird for me, Especially to Chariot's human side, Kagari.

Kagari introducing herself in Mato and Yomi's class.

You see, back from Episode 2, she was all this psycho about Yomi this and Yomi that and says she can't live without Yomi and tries to chain Yomi all to herself. In this episode, she's all cute stuff and the tsundere type and gets a lot of friends and is very popular.

Though later in the episode, she gets a lot of friends and is leaving Yomi behind and since the lead, Mato, is very busy with basketball and stuff because of their captain, Kohata, was injured. Also, added by Yomi's jealousy with Yuu's closeness to Mato, she became crazy. This also leads for her other self, Dead Master to go all out.

Dead Master's skulls from the OVA of this series are back since she's, I guess, already in insane mode and BRS is ready to battle with her. Will still be expecting her to be alive then just like the OVA but I wonder what will happen with the series.

Oh yeah, a bonus screenshot of Black ★ Gold Saw:

Black Gold Saw smirking, looking onto Dead Master who is confused.

Her lovely smirk is everything, you know. <333

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