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Another - Episode 8
3/1/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Watched this from a while back but I haven't written about it since I was busy with some other stuff. XD

They decided to visit Matsunaga, Sakakibara's Aunt's classmate, who actually stopped the calamity 15 years ago and ended up in a resort near the beach. Since Matsunaga was still not around that time, they went to the beach and decided to have fun while waiting for him.

Sakakibara met Misaki on the beach.

When the group arrived at the beach, Sakakibara met Misaki, who was in a family trip to their vacation house. It seems that their house was near the beach as well and she joined the group.

They went swimming, beach volley ball, playing pranks with each other and they are actually having fun! Also, later, they decided to have a little game for their lunch where everyone has to caught something to eat by teams - which was the funny part.

Later after they had lunch, Matsunaga went to the beach to see them since Reiko's, Sakakibara's aunt, cell was out of battery, he had to search for them at the beach. Then here comes the serious talk about what he did 15 years ago but it seems there's something out there that prevents them from knowing the whole truth.

Of course, someone, again, died. Even if they were outside Yomiyama.

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