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The Color of the Dead - Another Review
5/25/12 | 0 Comments | Top

It's not "Another" as in the adjective but the "Another" anime series. lol

She can't tell what color specifically since it's a color that no one had actually explained or mentioned but it's a color that she can tell that one living being is already dead.

This review has been sleeping at my drive and I found it again after deciding of cleaning my PC up and so I decided to put it up here. I know I missed reviewing the last two episodes but an overall review won't hurt. =P

Another is a mystery horror novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji (2009) and was adapted into manga by Hiyo Kiyohara (2010) and was given an anime adaptation in 2012.

The tells about a curse that was planted on a certain town, Yomiyama, after what happened 26 years ago at the same school. There was a certain student called Misaki who died even though this person doesn't have any problems when it comes to academics and friends. Classmates and teachers, being unable to accept Misaki's death, pretended that Misaki is still alive and is still with them and thus, started to invite the dead people into the class, 3-3.

The whole series started on the day a high schooler, Koichi Sakakibara, transfered to Yomiyama Middle School then meets a certain girl called Misaki Mei in a hospital carrying a doll with her. Curious about what the girl is up to, he asked questions and the girl gives him answers and by the time he went to school after being dismissed form the hospital, he heard rumors about the curse in Yomiyama bit by bit and realized that nobody sees Misaki as he does.

Being the only one who's able to see and talk to Misaki made everything around him more mysterious. And thus one day, someone from his class died out of accident over the stairs with an umbrella and then the said "curse" started.

One thing I should give for this seires is that even if the animation is a bit boring (Well, I see it that way since this is like a real-life comparison as well), it is consistent in it's own way. Also the best thing this anime have is the misleading scenes and misleading script that the characters had been saying up until the main character discovers the truth, deeper than what is said.

The background music was the best asset overall. If you watch this series, it is really, really best to do it with headphones on and in full volume. You'd actually feel the thrill and the horror in the series. I give it a 10/10 on music, seriously.

The flow of the story was, personally, better if I were to compare to its manga. Or maybe it is because the mangaka's style of drawing the whole series was something unpleasant for me. The colors on the scenes were too good to be true. Although there are some parts that's too dark but maybe they are giving the "reality" more attention when doing so.

Death stories and accidents and the whole mystery was a blast! The ending was also something a ridiculous person would imagine and it was totally unexpected. Even though the more explanation about the "curse" happened during the last few episode that it became boring, the overall mystery seriously got you hooked up until the very end of the series.

Since the series focuses more on the curse's mystery, there are some parts in the plot that needs more explanation like, how did Misaki Mei actually had the ability to see the color of the dead. It was only stated that she had an accident and lost her left eye and that her mother made her an artificial eye and why was the "extra person" was killed a long time ago and other small things. Still, I guess it is one good point in the series so that fans can discuss this more with each other.

My overall rating for this series would be 9/10. One big downfall of the whole series was its explanation scenes in some episodes at the end since it was really boring, imo. XD Another factor would be this series need more episodes since the character are too many to be included in a 12-episode and is so confusing. That is all.

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