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It's Puzzle Time! - Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Review
5/25/12 | 0 Comments | Top

One thing: Nano made me watch this series when she posted in her blog that she's going to sing this series' second season's Opening song right after releasing her debut album.

Phi Brain: Puzzle of God is an original animation series produced by Sunrise. Yes, it is their original series and it means it doesn't have a light novel or a manga so you can only watch the anime. It was also said that a game about the series will be released in May 31st, 2012.

Warning: This series contains different kinds of logic-based puzzles/games/challenges and if you think through about it too deep, it might cause you some minor migraines but do think about them carefully since most of them are quite unthinkable in real life. lol

The series follows a young high school student, Daimon Kaito, who is actually very, VERY fond of solving puzzles. He's also known as a genius and is enrolled at Root Academy as an honor student. He's quite above the average puzzle solving maniacs and solves minor puzzles in a flash (given that I might solve one of them in more than 30 minutes).

Since he is a puzzle-maniac and was discovered by a secret organization that deals with the world's greatest puzzles, he was given a device that he might thought as a PSP game that let him solve different kinds of puzzles AND receive some invitation from POG's Givers (more popularly known as puzzle-makers) to challenge their Sage Puzzles (puzzles that are used in protecting treasures) with only two options: Either solve the puzzle and get the treasure or die when you fail.

The series actually has a VERY simple plot. The main character just have to solve puzzles that he encounters along the episode. Well, it's actually not since most puzzles that are included in this series are very, VERY dangerous. Apparently, the mystery behind the main character's past, his origin and his friends made the whole series very interesting.

Sure the series contains logic and mixed with comedy and some individual characters that has individual interests that comes up the "Children of the Phi Brain", that only makes you even more interested to the series. It's a one big trap by Sunrise!

One thing that I like about the series is their school, Root Academy, which has this "Title System". The students, who are also called geniuses, are given titles in regards to their abilities. Like the main character, Daimon Kaito with the title of Einstein, Sakanoue Gammon with the title of Galileo and many other characters. These title holders actually has other privileges in their school like, THE FOOD IS FREAKING FREE and they have their own terrace in their school's Cafeteria. How cool can that be? And of course, the puzzles in the series that is leaving me thinking every time I encounter one.


Music-wise, this series' soundtrack is sung by awesome singers like May'n! Sunrise never fails, really. Background music whenever the puzzle is heating up doesn't let you down as well. It was almost close to perfect!

My overall rating is 9/10. One downfall of this series is the overboard focus on puzzles. It is like, everywhere around the character, you see one and the main is just too perfect. And the large puzzles they create, they are just too fast! lol I know it's an anime but maybe a little touch of reality won't hurt. XD

Currently, the series is airing its second season.

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