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Photo Manipulation First Shot
8/14/12 | 1 Comments | Top

Okay, so I was searching for good stocks to use on DeviantArt becasue I might need them for future use on my internship. But then, I saw so many good and cool stocks that I wasn't able to control myself on using them and try doing photo manipulation. *Q* So I went for a try.

I never actually paid too much attention to photo manipulation up until now. When I was on the search for good stocks, I also check some deviations which used those stocks and I was overly moved and inspired. So why not give it a try?

I have some hard time rendering real life objects and my laziness can actually kill my creativity and I would go like, "Use a soft eraser and erase the parts." mode. Aside from that, I have some trouble getting the "dreamy effect" on my own. I guess I'll look up into some tutorials next time. I'll say this before anyone else, "THOSE GRASSES SERIOUSLY ARE OUT OF PLACE. /SHOTLOL" So yeah.

Critiques are very much welcome! I'd like to know how to improve at this thing since I find it really interesting. >///////< And I can't forget the resources of the stocks I have used.

Stocks: Constellation of Time, Little Hearts Bokeh, Raw Nebula, Moon, Nebula Effects Fractal, Premade BG, Premade Stock, Another Art Stock, Valentine Bokeh.

These guys have some awesome stocks in stored at their accounts to check 'em out please!!! Maybe you can get inspired by their stocks and related works of their stocks as well. 8D

Image is also published on my facebook account.

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