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What I got for you!
8/13/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Hi guys! This will be a compiled update! Yes, I have been doing a lot lately that even at the office, I am trying to hid this blog entry writing. lol So Just a quick review on what is written in this post!

So they are found bellow the cut!

2 Facebook Sets

So my boyfriend, Cloaked, decided to change our facebook forum sets. IDK what happened to him because initially, he wanted a Pokemon set but then the images he linked to me were all Rin and Len and he said he doesn't understand why he ended up with Rin and Len after two days of searching. XD

Well, yes, Zerochan is a nice image board and you get to drown into a lot of amazing works.

One of the images he linked to me, luckily, I had a render of them so I decided to use them. XD

3 Forum Sets

So after many weeks (lol), I decided to create another forum set for myself. This time, not using Rin and Len Kagamine but using various anime/manga characters of my liking to feature my one obsession, Yaoi. Just in case you don't know, Yaoi means boy to boy relationship. Yes, it might be gay. lol

My friend, Krantz also requested a forum set to be used in FFSNG Anime Forums.  He wanted to feature yaoi moments by Izaya and Shizuo. Since I'm a fan of the yaoi fancouple, refusing was not an option.

And another request forum set. IDK what he really wanted since he would like the background gray and I was like, "WHAT SHOULD I PUT?!?!" So I ended up playing with textures and set them to B&W. LOL

But I actually liked how it ended up looking. LOLOLOL

Anime Series Recommendation

So I had this cool internet connection at the office and I had no choice but to take advantage of it! And since I don't have anything to do during the weekend because I'm a loner right now during my internship, I will watch anime till my heart's contented.They are all ongoing, by the way.

Hyouka - If You're into mysteries, this is just the best anime for you! Well, not that it's good or anything but it's really good!!! And I mean it! Because the main character's train of thought is just so awesome but then he has this average grades. To be honest, I like this series and I like how the character development is running so far.

The humor in this series is also good and I like how they made it simple yet humorous. lol I always smile whenever the guy is being bugged by the girl. It is just too funny. XD

Currently has 17 Episodes and is ongoing.

Tari Tari - If you're into good songs, good animation and a little drama on the story, this is just the perfect series for you! The songs used and the singers who sang them are really nice. Even though they are just too short in an episode they are really good! The animation is good as well, the usual slice of life and the kind as well. The drama and touch of comedy is also very good. Although comedy-wise, not as good as Hyouka's.

Currently running and has 7 episodes so far.

Sword Art Online - OMG If you're an RPG-player or just a mere online game player, you would seriously drool over this. Although there have been some negative impressions about the anime, not following the novel or the manga, but it's still just starting so I won't really say much about it. This series will be a classic because of its futuristic and a touch of realism on the plot is just so cool.

I, as an online game player, seriously love this series! More like it had the same concept as .hack// but then this is totally different in a lot of ways!

Currently having 6 episodes and is ongoing.

Kuroko no Basket - If you're into sports, especially basketball, this is one series not to miss out! After the legendary Slam Dunk, this sports anime of the recent generation is earning fans worldwide and increasing its fandom day by day. When it was announced that KnB will have its anime adaptation, every fans of the manga were overwhelmed. I am one of them. XD Then posters all over Japan about the series scattered and its fanbase grew larger than ever!

This series seriously had an interesting plot and interesting character from major to minor characters. One thing KnB had that no other sports anime didn't have was that the author paid attention to other characters as well and to the other teams in the series and not only the main's team. Every character had a story and a really epic role and everyone inside the story is just... just too awesome!

Currently airing and already day 19 episodes so far.

I have some other animes I am watching but these currently ongoing four are my most favorite and I recommend them to all my friends!

Answer English Version

A song composed and written by Dixie Flatline, a Vocaloid producer best known to his song, Just Be Friends. The original song was sang by a Vocaloid called Luka Megurine.

This video features Answer's English Version sang by Lizz and translyrics by Razzy. Download of the song is available on the link!

The song is actually a sequel to Dixie's popular Vocaloid Song, Just Be Friends. It's a really nice song and I recommend you all to listen to it and see how Luka manage to get over to what happened after so many years. I think it has been already 3 years since JBF was released and to think that it would have a sequel, it was unexpected.

Razzy was fast enough to write the English translyrics of the song and by choosing Lizz to sing it was just awesome and cool. Overall, I liked how they managed to make the song. So I'm sharing it! /o/

I hope you like the song as I do too. :D

I guess this is it for this post. I've written long. @_@

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