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Contest Entry + Updates
9/10/12 | 1 Comments | Top

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well, good news, I just finished my internship! (Well, actually, since last week) And I enjoyed my weekend without worrying about the next week! haha

Anyway, I need help with one Contest I am entering. Quick Draw Competition and to be held on Sept 15th. Although their preliminary and elimination round is decided by facebook likes, it made me hesitant for a moment but I still decided to enter. Yes, you need a facebook account to like/vote.

With my entry, Warheit Tiashe Raggs from 07-Ghost. He is my most favorite character of all time. If you haven't read the manga yet, you should! I really do recommend it since this piece of art is just too amazing. You would seriously like to kill yourself thinking that you have to wait for another month for the update like me. lol

Anyway, I need facebook likes for the photo (click on the photo, it'll lead you to the page to 'like' it). Not really to be the top 1 to have most likes but to be a part of the top 10 to enter the contest proper. So I am asking for you help and support. Voting is still until 15th, so if you don't have a facebook account, it's easy so create one. XD Thank you!

Updates under the cut:

I made some forum set due to requests. I do hope it will please your eyes.

And a random Signature tag requested:

Also, My dear friend requested for a cover photo using her Dragon Nest character:

Manga Recommendations!

#1 - 07-Ghost

If you haven't read this baby yet, it is time to do so! Not only it'll give you into a new world of mystery and a new world of supernatural, it'll seriously turn your stone heart into a sponge! I do not know how to explain my feelings towards this series but ever since I've started reading this piece, I have been a fan of it. The lead character, Teito Klein, demonstrates a person who has always been alone and had a friend with him and the only person he could trust in the whole world. But because of some circumstances: Teito's small memory fragments returned to him, he has to part with his only friend and in the end suffer such sorrow for loosing him. But this series didn't stop at this point. It continued up until mystery is being solved piece by piece.Not only this is full of drama but it has some normal comedy scenes as well. You will learn to love each characters and even try to come up with different theories concerning them.

I for once, want to recommend this manga since this is worth the time and wait (every month)! The latest chapter caused me so much pain in my chest. It is hardly hard to accept but life for Teito goes on.

#2 - Kuroko no Basuke

A series that doesn't only centers the story to the main protagonists and their team! This is really a highlighted sports series of the year especially when it finally got an anime adaptation itself. KnB's fan base grew very large immediately boosting up their popularity especially at Pixiv with massive fan arts submitted per day. Also, Production I.G itself spammed some parts of Japan with posters and standing life-sized paper dolls for advertisement in a large amount of sums! I don't know other sports series that can do this. Slum Dunk was a legend, I know but this new series definitely hits Slam Dunk where it never hit before. This series has a lot of potential. Not only that, you will go fandomize every character as you know their story and relationship with the other characters and how great their bonding is even if they see each other as enemies on court!

Sure the art at first is not that amusing but what's most amusing is how this series had developed through time and the hilarious extra pages is just too hilarious. haha

#3 - Baby Steps

Ah, another sports series I am looking up to! The character development the steadily character personalization and the tennis in this series is seriously intense! When I was catching up with the latest chapter, I didn't want to part with my PC at all! But then when I was nearing the latest chapter, I hesitated on finishing it but still, finished it due to massive amount of curiosity. There is just so much in this manga! Although the romance is slow paced but that's really not the highlight at all. The uniqueness in the plot and the huge difference with each character really is so good. Some may say that it might be like Prince of Tennis but no - the reality level on this series is beyond PoT's range. This series deals more with realistic tennis and provides more possible explanations and is really, really detailed + with illustrations as a bonus! All the tennis players here are VERY interesting as well, even their coaches!

this series really has seriousness level in it but to tell you frankly, I love how the author thought of such comedy scenes where I didn't expect, of course.

#4 - Area no Kishi

Yes, another sports manga! lol (I am into epic sports lately). This is another soccer sports. I couldn't believe I only read this manga now when it was released a few years back. I was able to catch up with its latest chapters and of course, it was a disappointment on my part since I need to wait for weekly updates. This sports manga, compared to the legendary Captain Tsubasa (another soccer series), is very nice. Not only that, the drama level in this series is higher than any sport series I have read so far. Could you imagine? Crying over a manga in it's 5th chapter ESPECIALLY it is a sports manga?! I couldn't even believe myself! the drama and every experience of the main protagonist is really precious. Although you might have trouble with reading it if you don't know basics of soccer since it's really hard to follow through the panels. This series has its anime adaptation as well. Although I get feedbacks from friends that the plot with the anime is far from the manga's but I still plan on watching it. XD

Okay, I've shared all of the manga's I've been coping up so far that are interesting but with less popularity. There are other kicking series too but these are a few of the precious I could recommend with low audience. But here's a few titles to read as well:

They are all ongoing, sadly. lol

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