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Rin Nendroid - Cheerful Japan Version
10/3/12 | 2 Comments | Top

I'm back to my hometown and guess what - I'VE BROUGHT MY RIN KAGAMINE NENDROID!!! And it's Cheerful Japan Version as well! This is my first ever nendroid owned so I am so happy that it is Kagamine Rin and it is all thanks to my friend for buying it for me. This is my advance birthday gift from him so I am very happy to receive her. :)

After getting her out of the box, I was so excited to experiment with her. The photos were taken by using my mother's digital camera so it was rather hard to get the shot that I wanted. Her camera is really hard to handle especially its auto detection which I had to take more than ten shots of each perspective shown on the image. Q_Q

I will be planning to buy Len Kagamine, same version, as well in the near future. I almost cried that I have to bring her home alone. Q_Q So, please buy me Len Kagamine Nendroid: Cheerful Japan Version for Christmas!

PS: I'll be posting more photos of her in the future and some things I've brought home from cosplay conventions I went to! 8D

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