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Crossroad by Nano (ナノ)
10/26/12 | 1 Comments | Top

"The day has come, and we've reached the crossroad."

It has been a while since I've written a music review. The last one I think was Nano's birthday Cover of Hysteri, acoustic version which was heavenly. So in this post, I will be reviewing Nano's recently released song from her single "No pain, No game: Anime Version"Crossroad.

Well, actually the cover song for the single was No pain, No game (as the Opening Song for the anime BTOOOM) but it's because I fell in love with Crossroad ever since I first heard it from one of Nano's live streams, I couldn't get the first line of the chorus on my head (mostly because it's in English XD). But since Crossroad is a song that deals with an emotion of "love" and it's seldom of Nano to write songs as such, I was fangirling, of course.

The feeling on the lyrics is something that can move a heart. Not only that, Nano is just too awesome to write such songs. She said that Crossroad was something she had written for a friend that is going to get married (I'm not quite sure though but something like a gift to that friend for the wedding) so I was seriously fangirling over the song while being played during her live stream. I'm not really know how to write what I felt that night and plus my internet is acting dum that time and furious at the same time.

To put it simply, Nano's words always moved me and that unique voice is something you haven't heard on other singers as well. You just gotta love her. If only I have the money, I will definitely go buy all of her albums and singles since they are freaking worth it. /o/

BTW, Nano will be having her first live concert at Japan next year and I won't be there to watch her. Hopefully there will be a live stream available or a recording of the whole live so I can be happy. :)

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