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Signature Collaborations
10/23/12 | 1 Comments | Top

Hi guys!!! I was so excited to share the two signature/tags that we made. Well, I posted it late because I was waiting for another collaboration to be finished but that can have another entry.

I was able to get a collaboration done with two awesome graphic artists I know and it was done out of a whim but it was fun to think I can work with other people on things I like.

This was done with Carlvic. (I only have his facebook account lol) He's a school mate of mine and we were on the same organization as well. He was doing graphics long before I started (maybe seriously started) and he's so cool at it. I was the one who chose the render (I used one of Sasha's cuts) and some initial stocks then he added magic to have the result! XD

The second collab was with Yukiko. She wasn't able to hold herself back to have a collab with me at this. She said I will choose the render so I did get Sasha's cuts again. XD Although there was a small misunderstanding how a collab in tags works. So what she did was my work on top and her work at the bottom though I like how it ended as well. It was cool and unexpected. XD (But it ruined the lighting...lololol)

Please visit Yukiko's blog: You're My Sweet Dream. Thank you!

Oh yeah, if you want a collab with me, I'm always open for fun stuff. Just, use my contact form or tweet/post on my facebook wall. XD

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