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Iloilo Comic Con 2012: My Experience
12/2/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Iloilo got to the chance to have its first ever Comic Convention and the largest prepared so far at that. December 2, 2012 marked the first comic convention in Iloilo. First of all, congratulations for the event’s success especially to the people who are behind the event!

A lot of things happened, really. I thought I’d be the only one to be there but when I barged into one stall full of anime-collectibles, my shoulder was tapped then saw two of my classmates. We, then, roam around, seeing interesting stuff more altogether. Then more people joined with us as time passed through the day.


The convention is small, as expected for the first one but the even holders did some proper planning even though the venue was too small that made the hall ways crowded. I think they misplaced some stalls since one side is packed of people, especially the Lasortech’s booth where people swarmed their awesome computer units. Even I would have loved to get my hands on one in the future.

The Program Flow

It was a bit boring. Well, although people do know that it is a comic convention instead on an anime convention, the program flow was boring, imo. What could be the possible topics to discuss on comic conventions? Normally, it would be the artists and things related to them, right? They did some panel chatting with different artists during the program but you see, not all, or almost all, didn’t have any interest about it so it was bad like that. Rather than interviewing them with too much words, it could have been better if they used media instead. Like books of their finished works, posters and more illustrations then let the people ask details about them – it could have been fun that way. None the less, the Sketch for a Cause was one interesting thing. Drawing people or characters on the spot with only a use of limited mediums is something one to look forward to.


They invited a lot of local guests! It was good and they even manage to show their illustrating skills to the people which were really interesting. Although one bad thing was they put all of them together into one section which made human traffic. But to see them draw on the spot then see the actual outcome of what they have done, it was awesome! It gave me inspiration to draw too.

 Presenting Danny Acuña when he was working on his drawing of a child.


Maaaaaan, I missed the freaking Comic-creation contest. The prizes are huge! Plus, there was a trophy!!! I could have joined and maybe I could have won! D8 It was a shame. I could have bought that Racing Miku Nendroid if ever I did win even if it is 3rd place! Another attraction would be their trivia questions. Answer their questions with relation to comics and win different prizes. Well, for someone like me, I didn’t even know what they are talking about and when one question I do know the answer, the prize is already something I have. XD Pity.


Yeah, there are a lot of people who cosplayed too. Too bad my camera went dead only on the half of the events so I didn’t take much picture of the rest of them. Don’t worry; my classmate (Kristine) did take more photos for me by then.

All digital touches were done by me, using Adobe Photoshop.


Nothing much, except there is a lot of toys, t-shirts and other interesting stuffs. I would love to buy some of them but, really, I’m more prepared to waste my money to some Rin and Len stuff instead. I was hoping to find a Len Nendroid but failed. There was only Len and a lot of Miku nendroids in different versions. I did have eyes for the Racing Miku Nendroid but I want my second nendroid to be Len. XD I would have liked to have that Ironman real-life head figure but it costs 15k PHP. Too much for a student like me, so ditched it. There were Rin and Len plushies but I already have those. Q_Q

The only thing I care about. XD


It was good. Cool. A great way to have the first ever comic con in Iloilo. I would like for another one of these conventions in the future and maybe by that time, with better accommodation to attendees, participants and booth takers. Personally, Robinson’s Place was small since there’s this fountain in the middle that blocks most of the view in front and keeps too much space on the center where people should have been instead. They could find better venues and hopefully for next year, there would be a better one.

See, even Rinny had fun too!

Iloilo comic Con | Iloilo Comic Con 2012 Photos by me | Photos by Kristine | More Nendroid Photos

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