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Story of Evil English Drama Fan Adaptation
12/10/12 | 0 Comments | Top

Yo guys! Well, there's really nothing going on for me these past few days except some school-related problems (includes our messed up schedule). I'm not really into dubbing for dramas but I wanted to go and make it a shot. Luckily, I was able to pass on a role and what we will be doing is Story of Evil.

(Banner illustrations were done by KYU, Dream Dubs' founder.)

Story of Evil is a series of songs produced by Mothy using Vocaloids. The story has a novel adaptation written by Akuno-P (also mothy) and gained several adaptations later like a theater play, and a manga.

Click here to see full casts.

Our group dub is planned to cover almost all parts of the story and hopefully it'll go well. The trailer for our group dub was already released and I hope you'll look forward to our first episode which is going to be released soon. :)

Here's the trailer and I hope it made you excited somehow. XD More information can be found on KYU's blog.

New Affiliate: KYU no Uta. Well, she's a really good person and a talented one at that. Name anything and she'll do it - may it be singing, dancing, cosplay, drawing, etc. XD

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