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Back From The Grave
10/19/13 | 1 Comments | Top

Although this doesn't mean it's because it's October that I have such a title there. LOL Anyway, just to let you guys know, I'll be on vacation on another place this coming 25th and will be back home on the 29th. Yes, I won't be able to celebrate my birthday on my own home. LOL You see, I have another exam to take this coming 27th - where the venue is far from home and I need to travel by boat or by plane. I'll blog about my adventure so you guys won't be left out. HAHA

Also, my contract with my current work will be ending on the 5th month my service which is... it'll be tomorrow! I can't believe I have made it through life with limited anime and computer time for five months! Hopefully I'd be able to pass their standards and they will have to be forced to approve my regularization. If so, I'll be happy to be back to them again! It wasn't the job that I longed to have nor it was a job that's even related to the course I had took but everyone was so nice and it was fun everyday. I hope everyone will miss me there. I had so much fun with everyone at work that I wish everyone can come to my post-birthday party. XD

As for graphic updates, been a while since a played with so much adjustment layers and I am so happy with the end result!

Thanks Auroria for the render, by the way. The rest of the credits, goes here: Click.

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