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ARCH Con X 2013 feat. Sweet Vanilla Shoppe & Aoko, Mikasa Cosplayer
10/30/13 | 0 Comments | Top

As I mentioned before that I will be leaving for a small vacation for while (well, even if it was not really for a vacation but a trip to Cebu to take my PhilNits exam). The thing is, we arrived at Cebu on the 26th and decided to take a little trip around malls near our hotel (even though Ayala is not that near at all, we went there). And to my surprise, there was a convention during that time and thought to myself,  

"I'm must be the luckiest person in the world!"

The sad part about it was, I wasn't informed about the event and wasn't able to be there from the start but the best part is? Oh heck yes - I enjoyed seeing a lot of cosplayers around me. Not only they filled almost all of the Activity Area but cosplayers were also swarming outside at the mall's garden area! And here comes the saddest part - my camera's battery died before I could even click on the awesome cosplayers that I saw later on. But its okay, I still got a few shots of some of them. Still... that Iron Man cosplaaaayyy. ;A;

The first thing that I actually saw during the event was the stalls. I mean, it was a pretty small convention with only a few stall where you can buy actual customized merchandizes I can actually count them on my hand. But one thing that caught my attention was Sweet Vanilla Shoppe's booth!

SVS's designs were actually pretty cute - just like how its shop's name is! The truth is, I am not really a fun of cute-sy stuff but this just gotten beyond my expectations! You can never find a shop in my current place who does these stuff (or maybe there will be in the future). Krisly, as the owner said was her name, was the one who actually do these designs although she gets her materials from another place. She mentioned Japan while talking to another customer so, yeah (I love eavesdropping, I'm sorry lol). She also tried doing her own materials from scratch and from limited supplies but it went pretty good, although not as polished compared to the one she often use but good enough to make it look cute!

She has a lot of things to decorate on: may them be notebooks, frames, pencil cases, lens cases, boxes and even shades! Her designs can be viewed on their fanpage for public. I actually bought a pair which I gave to my awesome friend, Demise, after I returned back home since she loves black, so I decided on the black pair (I liked the white one too, you know lol). I was yearning for the pencil case as well but with how I handle my things, I don't think I can preserve its cuteness for too long and it would be a waste on me. XD But I do plan to order something from her and YES - she does personal customization to suite you, the customer's, taste and likes!

I know this kind of art is already popular, especially online, but I never thought I would actually see one who does these things in real life so it was a fun experience.

Another thing I noticed the whole time, Aoko, the Mikasa cosplayer (from Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan), who was actually a contestant for the solo competition, was the first one to actually go up on stage to do her performance. Her cosplay of Mikasa was actually 95% accurate (minus the braces, ofc), IMO and well, she was attacked by the viewers after she was off the stage - okay, not literally attacked since what I meant to say, people around her didn't stopped asking for a photo of her or with a friend and she just keep on posing! I totally love her because of this!

I mean, ever since she stepped out of the stage, she wasn't able to move from where she was standing (yes, the photo I took was still on the same place she was in and in the whole time up until I decided to went home since my parents were already tired). I really do admire her. The last look I took on her, she was still keeping up different kinds of poses for the people who wants the photo of her. I am so lucky that she was able to pose for me as well. This kind of cosplayer was totally awesome. I love how she kept up with the crowd and with the cameras around her. She totally has a future at this. I don't mind supporting her (although all I could ever do is... well, attend on conventions where she might be?)

And if we're speaking about cosplay, not matter what the age is, everyone can, right? And guess what, during the whole event, there was this cute little cosplayer who cosplayed one of scouting legion's member (actually there were a lot of SnK cosplayers at that time). I took a picture of the kid with the Levi cosplayer! Haha! They were actually in a cute photo. It just so happened at that time that she was dropped in front of me by her mother (was it?) while she prepared to take photos of the kid. Well, I had my camera on hold at that time so it was a non-stop clicking (although most were failed shots haha). What so great about the kid? Well, you might say that there are a lot of kid cosplayers around the area but to tell you, this one's cool. She poses like a soldier in front of people, was never scared of the cameras, didn't care if her parents are already lost in the crowd around her and she CAN TOTALLY POSE!!! D8 Yes, she can.

Cute and yet fierce in the face - you can never find a kid like that. Well, maybe a more bad-ass one in the future 'cause it will be my kid. haha

I was also able to get a free work from an artist who were actually giving away some of his printed works, sketches or in digicolor. They were all actually pretty cool. If only I can, I could have gotten all copies of each. Well, I CAN but I was too shy to get so much. haha

I wasn't able to finish the whole event since I mentioned earlier, my parents (and me) were too tired to roam around for more because of the trip. Also, I needed enough rest so I could take my exam with 100% energy on the next day.

Still, ARCH Con X 2013, it was by chance that I was able to attend to it but it was an awesome experience!
More Photos of the event on the Facebook's ARCH Con X 2013 Album!

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