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New Version! + Laziness
11/7/13 | 0 Comments | Top

I actually completed this version a long time ago but then there goes bugs and etc coming out of it whenever I try testing it so it took me a while to apply it. I wonder what happened with it either. LOL

So, the Vocaloid Adventure resumes. This time, Fate's layout features MEIKO, another Vocaloid created by Crypton Future Media Inc. (same creator of Miku Hatsune, Rin&Len KAgamine, and Luka Megurine  featured from my previous layouts). This time, MEIKO's image is that of a fighter in a dress. Yes, badass Meiko is badass. Actually, the thought in mind was Meiko in her song Daughter of Vengeance (one of the songs in the Evil Series/Story of Evil by monthy-P) but I couldn't really find a suitable photo of her to make use for the layout and thus, resulted to this illustration by Sorata that I've found randomly. It still does give the feel in MEIKO's Daughter of Vengeance so it's fine. XD

I wonder if I should start making matching site buttons too. Another thing, I used some of Auroria's PNG Materials which were really cool and nice but I have limited use of my creation while making the header. LOL Although it turned out great, somehow. XD

I've been pretty worked up by something right now. I have been neglecting a lot of requests because of too much laziness or maybe it is because I lack inspiration in doing any graphic works. So started yesterday, I have been tailing a lot of graphic designers (my affiliates, of course, facebook users and some friends of mine and some known GFX artists over at DA so I could find the motivation to do GFX once again) and it did a great job on me.

Hopefully, by the next time, I'd like to feature some artists on my blog so everyone could see what kind of adventure I had been for these last few days and what kind of inspiration has brought me back up into GFX once again.

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